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    I'm running Docs To Go in my RAM - it's working fine and I have few problems with it (except DataViz putting out v. 10 just two weeks after I paid for v. 9 and seeing no problem with asking for $30 more to upgrade again, but that's a different story) if it runs there.

    My question is about all the "other" files that go with it. Specifically these ones:


    If I move them to my SD card am I asking for problems? I want to keep the main programs like WordToGo and the others in RAM because they run quicker than if they're on the card. Can I split up the files and have some in RAM and some on the card?

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    DTTBIG5Fonts - not in main memory
    DTTFonts - not in main memory
    English_Br & English_AM not in main memory

    No problems on my Sprint Treo 700p with them on the card in the /Palm/Launcher folder.

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    Thanks, Ben. That got me almost 2 full megs! I still have plenty of space left, but it seems to run better with fewer things in RAM. Much appreciated!

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