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    I have not been impressed with Sprint TV, but I'm only looking at the free content.

    I have heard that Slinging looks real good, though.
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    Can anybody confirm if PalmVNC works on the Centro...that would be a dealkiller for me if it didnt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhead View Post
    i've had three freeze/resets, all coming from being/getting on the internet. they all happened within the last 3 days. I don't know if it's a blazer thing...
    Frankly Palm should just forget about continuing with Blazer and just pay Opera or similar to make a Palm native browser -- it was good enough for Nintendo. Palm's got way too many other issues to deal with to try to field and maintain a cutting edge webbrowser as well (not that Blazer is cutting edge, that's the point, it most definitely isn't...)
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