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    Every time I try to access a webpage with blazer it asks if I want to download a file. I did a hard reset and its still doing it!

    Any advice?
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    are you pressing on the link too long? many links have images and if you press on an image long enough it'll ask you if you want to save it. Not sure if that's what you're referring to, but I've seen it happen a few times. So when tapping on a link, just makes sure it's a quick tap. hope that helps.
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    Just selecting a regular bookmark.
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    I had that happen as well for web pages that were .php pages (whatever that is...I know nothing about web development) It turned out I had a program that was associated with those types of pages (siED) so Blazer did nothing with them. I downloaded the trial version of Resco Explorer and eliminated that association and Blazer has been working.

    I'm guessing you are going to a web page that by default Blazer doesn't know what to do with it..or that some other application is set to open.
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    If you did a hard reset, back to factory specs, and then tried to click on one of the few bookmarks that came with the phone, and it asks you to download a file instead of going to the webpage, then you need to return your phone for replacement. If that is not the case, try clearing he cache.
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    I took the battery out and let the phone sit for a few hours and its now working.
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    My phone was doing this all day yesterday also. Do we think it was related to the network?
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