View Poll Results: Can a guy carry a red Centro?

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  • I'm a woman, and I think it's fine for a man to carry a red Centro.

    9 10.59%
  • I'm a woman, and I think the red Centro's are for women only.

    2 2.35%
  • I'm a man and I think it's fine for men to carry a red Centro.

    48 56.47%
  • I'm a man, and you couldn't pay me to carry a red Centro.

    26 30.59%
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    It's not about color. It's about name.

    Crimson or Burgundy? Fine. Ruby? Hell, no.
  2. ame
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    ...Honey I know it matches your purse but red is a masculine color for a cell phone. I know a lot of guys that have a red one...

    Ok, no one questions a red sports car for men but a red cell phone, I mean smart phone, I mean Treo I mean Centro is questionable?
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    Good question, it probably boil down to common social value. In Thailand many men like to wear framing red or purple shirts, not so here (USA). It also depends on which shade of red.
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    I agree. I'm not convinced that the red Centro pics we've seen is the actual color, maybe those who have one can say how accurate the official pics are?

    I also think the shade of red is the issue. Ferrari red, fire engine red, burgundy, candy apple red, matte or glossy finish...

    Ok, most men are happy with the black and most women are happy with the red can we agree on that?
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    LOL, I shell call it the "lipstick red".
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    Oh no you didn't.
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    I was hoping to get red so I can find in purse, but pictures do look "lipstick red" Even too bright for me.
    I have always said red looks good on small sports cars with tops down, think I am sticking with that here too.
    Too bad they can't offer the white like Vodaphone, that would be a great choice.
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