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    is there any program out there that simply allows for you to add a wallpaper to the main launcher? i've tried a bunch of different launchers and they just have more features than i need and they slow me down, not to mention they don't bind to the home key without running something to change the home key's function. i'm running palmrevolt which fixes the general interface's ugliness, but the blank white background looks terrible :P anyhow if anyone knows of such a program please let me know
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    I can add a pic to the phone interface but not the homescreen. Is this possible and if so how?

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    You can try Colorize, Khroma (both free) PalmRevolt or SkinUI (both shareware).

    Otherwise, you will have to go with a third party launcher to do skins and background images.

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    A third-party launcher is the only way to get a background picture for the main launcher. I personally use TreoLauncher, ( ) which is probably the simplest and has the closest resemblance to the stock palm launcher. But then again, I don't need some of the additional options that zLauncher, Megalauncher, and the other more robust launchers offer. All of them have some kind of trial period, so you can give them a whirl.
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    i totally forgot about this thread. I ended up using treolauncher as well. if you get the view right it looks pretty much just like the default launcher and you can add wallpaper. the way it searches apps is really useful to boot.
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    trying it now, this is perfect!
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