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    my program categories on my 700p seemed to be goofed up and i'm not sure how to fix the problem. The problem is as follows:

    under the home button, i have three categories of programs: All, Card, and a messed up category with a name that is "..." filling up the screen with 's. i had several categories, and none of the ones i created are showing up. Whenever the category is selected, the treo resets itself.

    i thought i had fixed things about a week ago with a hard reset, and then renaming the backup folder under C:\Program Files\Palm, then reinstalling what i needed, but the problem has come back. is it possible to fix this without hard resetting and reinstalling applications somewhat regularly?
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    Since there aren't replies, I'll bump this up with a follow up question:

    What's the right way to remove all hints of previous programs? Is removing C:\Program Files\Palm\TreoName sufficient?

    There have been a few shareware type programs that I installed ages ago, but then deleted. I'm wondering if the remnants of these are contributing to my problem.

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