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    My first Treo was a 650, had it about 6 months, then moved on to a 700wx. Now, after about a year with the 700wx I'm back to Palm OS with my 755p.

    A few things I've noticed:

    -My cellular reception has improved drastically!
    -The form factor feels great, looks great, must be great!
    -Palm OS hasn't changed, so, there was pretty much no learning curve for getting up and running.
    -My exchange and Gmail worked great for about a week through Versamail...
    -My 4gb miniSD card hides nicely and plays wonderfully through pTunes, as well as the XM stream I used on windows mobile.

    -seems slow between button pushes.
    -Slingbox is virtually unwatchable on full evdo signal.
    -Palm os hasn't changed, so, that's a fault right???
    -Through Blazer and Xiino, I can't log into my bank's website and check my account. (i could do this in Pocket IE)
    -no my versamail seems to have stopped syncing my with my exchange server. (I did check out chatter mail, but I actually prefer versamail's ui better).
    -IMHO, windows live was much better than google maps.

    sorry for the long post, maybe some of you folks have had the same issues.
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    I have a 700wx and was thinking about picking up a 755p. Thanks for the review.
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    My Slingbox works great on my 755p.
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    I started with the Palm 600, upgrade to 650 (really excited about color screen), upgrade to 700p (excited about EVDO). The problem is PALM OS! It has not change or evolve to work with new and updated apps. EVDO on 700P sucks big time. Moving from apps to apps is a pain.

    Blackberry 8830....I'm missing my touchscreen, my SMS, camera, and definitely not missing the crash with constant other issue. PALM -- F U with all the number changing of the TREO product but not real upgrades. Sorry, need to let that one out! 'm not trying to promote Blackberry.

    Get out while you can. Palm is a dieing dinosaur. Darwin theory ...
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    I've had:
    650 - worked great but very slow internet

    700wx - had memory issues, wm5 is a pain, too many popup notifications, just like any other microsoft os it was too cluttered with too many steps from A --> B. The small screen did not help with wm5 at all.

    6700ppc - same prob with wm5, hacked it with wm6. It does not have as much phone functionality as Treos. The device would freeze, memory was not optimized. The phone functions secondary to everything else. You couldn't just take the phone out and dial a number or add a new contact as easily as you would on a Treo. This is due in part to the multi-step operation that is part of wm5/wm6. PalmOS is more intuitive and focused.

    700p MR- I never thought I'd say this but I did miss using PalmOS. Mac users such as myself will totally understand why I dislike wm5/wm6 so much. There's too many notifications, there are too many unnecessary steps to get from A --> B. The one thing that irkks me the most is that wm5/wm6 would notify you of a new voicemail 1st then tell you there is a miss call. So you would have to read both notifications in order to access the importance of the voicemail. To my surprise my 2 week old 700p MR has been working flawlessly! Now I'm not sure if I should upgrade to a 755p.
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    After using the 700wx for several months and then the unreliable-disaster that is the HTC 6800 for several more, I gotta say I am really happy with my 755p. The phone seems WAY quicker than WM6 on the 6800 or WM5 on the 700wx and more stable.

    The only thing I really miss that I want to fix is push Windows Live...
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    Would you recommend the 755P Over the 700WX?

    I may have the opportunity to switch.
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    I would, BUT, it is a matter of preference.

    Palm OS is nothing like WM. The hardest thing is you have to learn a whole new set of apps and what to use, because the software is completely different (there is a lot more, which makes learning what is good to use a little harder).

    It takes a little getting used to Hotsync, it doesn't work quite like Activesync (it is more reliable, especially on Vista).

    As far as I know you can't use push Windows Live Mail on Palm OS, that's one of the drawbacks so far. One other Hotmail (Windows Live) drawback is that Versamail (the built in Palm OS mail program) does not sync with Hotmail. You have to get another app like GlimmerMail to manually sync your Hotmail.

    I like PIE + PIE plus better than Palm OS Blazer browser, but you can use Opera Mini on Palm also.
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    The form factor of the 755P is really great, compared to 700P or WX.

    The rubberized finish, smaller size, and lack of antenna is really great.

    Coming from a 700P I'm really amazed how much better the form factor of the 755 is. It's not all that smaller technically but it sure feels smaller and easier to hold and use. JMO
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    My 650 is working great and I keep telling myself my upgrade when my 650 does everything I need it too. Yet, after reading posts like these it is forcing me to look into the upgrade (once Verizon gets off the pot and carries the 755p).

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    Owned a 600 for 18mos., worked great but didn't love the screen. Moved on to the 650 for 2yrs., worked great, stable for 18mos., unstable for the last 6mos. Last week, I decided to leap into the world of WM via the Sprint Touch, nice looking device but I will be returning it today for a 755p. I miss the simplicity of POS and the shortcuts that a physical keyboard affords you. The virtual keyboard on the Touch is surprisingly easy to type on and I could text/email with speed and accuracy, but no shortcuts is a pain. I'm coming home Palm.
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