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    I got a replacement 680 recently, and I went to install the EAS update app to it, and it won't go.
    I get a message saying.. " The Exchange Active Sync update is not supported on this device."
    This is my 3rd 680, it worked just fine on the other 2. Not sure what the problem is.
    I have the latest firmware on the phone (v.3.oa.1)
    And my versamail version is 3.5.2
    This is sufficient to install the EAS app isn't it?

    It's sucks being used to the "instant e-mail" form EAS, then not having it anymore.

    Anyone have any ideas, or suggestions??
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    I tried loading on my card and installing it, and tried installing from the internal also. Neither one will work, I keep getting the same "doesn't support this" message, tried deleting it, and downloading the file again, same thing.
    Any ideas of what might be wrong?? Help?????

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