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    I thought this was interesting. After removing battery for MicroSD, found that label on phone said Bluetooth 2.0. I talk to Palm and here is the transcript...

    Problem : Centro Bluetooth Devices

    Jason > saw that the specs said BTooth 1.2, but under the battery it says 2.0. Which one is correct? What's the difference?

    John > Hello Jason, Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is John. How may I help you?

    John > Please give me a moment while I go through your message.

    John > Thank you for staying on hold.

    John > I understand that you would like to know the exact BT version on Centro. Am I correct?

    Jason > Yes. I'd like to get a device, just not sure what to get?

    John > Centro comes with a BT version 1.2.

    John > I will give you a link with complete specifications

    John >

    John > Please click on the above link

    Jason > That's what I saw, but then on the phone it said 2.0

    John > Do you have the device hand?

    Jason > Yes, it's a label under the battery when I went to put a microsd in.

    John > You are correct

    John > It means you can pair this device with 2.0 BT version of other devices

    Jason > That's cool. I guess a mistake somewhere? I'll have to look up the difference in what I can buy.

    Jason > thanks for the help.

    I edited out my full name So any takers on who is correct?
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    Is there a 3rd party hardware diagnostics program to tell what version?

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    Well, it definitely says "Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR compliant" under the battery.

    I'd trust engineers over marketers.
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    mine says 2.0, too. i wonder...
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    Hmm, I wish it was the other way around so that we could really complain to Sprint about false advertising (advertising 2.0, but getting 1.2 on the phones). :/
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    This is my first post here! I'm new to this BT stuff. Would that be the latest BT version if the label was correct? Does that mean it could be stereo and what ever?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoShane View Post
    John > It means you can pair this device with 2.0 BT version of other devices
    What a disingenuous answer. This is a property of the other, BT 2.0 device, that it is backward compatible with the Centro's older BT 1.2. It is not any special property of the Centro.

    Obviously, an incorrect label was applied and Palm's service folks have been given a specious story to tell whoever calls them on it.
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    would the hardware be ver 2, but the os v 1.2 with the possibility of upgrading in the future?
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    Perhaps, but the label should say what the device does do, not what it might do in the future.
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    Probably the device has 2.0 Hardrware radio, but the Palm OS doesnt handle it or more probable palm engineers were too lazy to make it do so

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