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    After many failed attempts, I am still looking for a headset that meets these needs:
    a. Other party can hear me roughly as well as without a headset
    b. Reasonably long standby and talk time (can debate what is long...)
    c. Comes with a USB charging cable (or can be bought separately, which is also fine)
    d. Ear loop style to keep it in ear securely (and ear loop is not too easily breakable)
    e. Bonus: comes with some way to protect from accidentally turning on in a pocket (for battery life reasons), such as a hard case (Samsung WEP200) or a good switch (like the Motorola H700/HS810/HS850)

    I have tried a number of headsets without much success, here is my story:
    1. Palm headset (old Jabra, not Plantronics) - caller on other end could not hear me well and did not reliably connect to phone, accidentally turned on in pocket very often
    2. New Palm headset - was great, but after a few weeks the battery life became 15 minutes...on standby!
    3. Got #1 fixed under warranty for others hearing me, but still does not reliably connect to phone 3/4 times
    4. Jabra JX-10 - accidentally broke a couple of ear loops and they cost a lot to replace
    5. BlueAnt X3 Micro - back again to caller on other end cannot hear me well (sounds far away and quiet)
    Have done a ton of troubleshooting on each of the above, playing with settings, soft reset, hard reset, distance, trying with different phones, etc)

    I am now considering the Nokia BH-900 because:
    - it has a boom mike that may mean others can hear me
    - much better than expected battery life (8 hrs talk, 180 hrs standby)
    - I think it charges off the same plug as Nokia phones...USB cables are easily available for the phone
    - has an ear loop that makes it easy to switch ears
    - I assume putting the boom in puts it on a less battery consuming mode
    The only issues with this headset that I have found are that many have complained it is very hard to get off and on the ear, and the boom does not function as extend to answer/retract to end

    Phone is T680. I'm currently using a Plantronics MX-150, which meets all of the about needs, but is not Bluetooth (is wired)!

    Can anyone suggest something that meets above needs? Suggestions, opinions, and wisdom are all very much appreciated
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    After I don't know how many BT headsets the only one I am still using with my VZ 700wx is the Nokia BH-900. I started using it when I had the 700w then the 700wx. It is not perfect. Plusses for me - the other caller can hear me fine, battery life is excellent and I can hear the other party just fine. The sliding boom is most likely responsible for the call clarity. My one and only gripe is that it stays paired 70% of the time and when it does loose pairing you have to cycle it on and off (sometimes) but if it does this when an incoming call comes in you just have to use the phone. Many of the Jabras I tried would connect to the incoming phone call (when they'd loose pairing) by simply pressing the power/connect button on the headset.

    I have probably bought and returned at least 7-8 headsets at Best Buy and the best one to date - for me - is the BH-900. One thing that appears to affect overall BT headset performance is if you have a low cell signal, it seems to drop pairing very often. I have an RSSI number between .95- .98 at my office so I finally resorted to using a wired boom mike at my desk. The BH-900 gets used from the truck when I'm on the road (which is very often).

    Hope this helps with your decision.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. You confirmed what I also believe.

    I was reading the link posted by another user for the The Boom (wired) headset. The biggest issue I always have is the other person hearing me. The science of sorting out noise from the user's voice is explained. It shows that the closer the mike is to the source (user's mouth) and the closer the angle matches the intended angle, the better the headset performs. As such, why are there so few boom style bluetooth headsets on the market (including, why don't the makers of The Boom put one out?)

    I saw from some old web page that Ericsson used to make quite a few small, simple bluetooth headsets with a boom to put the mike near the mouth. It seems those are not sold anymore, although I may be wrong.

    Thanks again.
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    Just got my Nokia BH-900 and it is the best bluetooth headset I have had. I have had the jawbone, Z9, the boom and it is the only one that anyone can hear me on when I am driving myLand Rover Defender 90 which has to be the nosiest truck in the world. I am truely amazed. I have only had it for a short time now so I can't vouch for its call time, dropping connection etc but that is secondary to people hearing me.

    Thanks for the tip.


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