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    so I finally saw my first centro advertisement, a commercial on cable at my brothers house.

    it was pretty cool, fun to see my phone on tv hehe.

    just curios to see if anyone else seen it yet.

    PS. it,s about freakin' time!! really, the things been out for what, almost 2 weeks now? way to go on tryin' sell the product!
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    if you read their internal release, it's been advertised on a few prime time shows including Gray's Anatomy. It's also advertised on various websites and in newspapers as well. I posted their internal release in another thread.
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    oh, that's cool, I did not read the internal so I miised that, musta missed your posts too. doh, I kinda live in a cave, (no cable, yes that's right NO cable ) so it was neat to see. I actually missed it during gray's anatomy, my wife and watch that show. I guess when I hear that their gonna advertise it, I assume they may try to do it ala something at least Somewhere in the ballpark of Razr, Q, Blackjack, etc.... oh yeah, iphone

    I guess I expected to at least see it like once every couple of days or so
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    here you go. you can read up on exactly what they're doing. It's a new move for them. The last Palm commercial I remember were the man and woman on separate trains. The trains stop and they see each other. She ends up beaming her contact info to him. Cheesy funny. That was many years ago.
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    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    hey thanks for that, I checked it out, I actually think I remember seeing that before but I guess I neglected to read the part at the very bottom where it talks about the advertising, whoops
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    hope somebody can post a link to the video so everyone can see
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    i don't know of any links to any video, or else i'd post it up, maybe someone else does
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    actually saw it... did a quick search on youtube

    I dont know if the "moreyous" concept is the way to go with this one.... commercial is nice though...

    i'd rather they do a pitch like.... "finally a smartphone you can afford" or something like that...
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    yeah that would make sense, you'd think they would try to push the price a little more
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    I see windows for it on my Yahoo email and on Spark People. The red one though, neverthe black.
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    What happened with the hip young people (target market) being replaced with a middle-aged(professional looking) man?
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    I'm kinda confused too.

    Still, there's many several ways to market the Centro but this is just stupid. The thought they're paying an ad agency for this is just boggling. Can you imagine the person who created this mess in front of the Palm execs? Palm probably started cheering.."yeah multitasking!"

    They haven't a marketing brain cell in their head. If they're gonna fail at marketing so badly, just put hot chicks in the commercials at least.

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