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    Anyone else get the new Plantronics Voyager 520?

    I bought it yesterday from Officemax. Seems to work pretty well. People tell me they can hear me in my car with the windows down.

    The 520 has a windscreen and Noise cancellation.

    I'm using it on a Centro.
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    I think this is a winner. people tell me it is the best headset I've had. I've owned a lot.

    officemax was $99.. too expense.

    radio shack has it for $79.

    online you can find it for 50
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    Doesn't seem to work well with Treo 650. Works beautifully with Blackberry 8800 and Motorola L6, Razr .... including the multi-switch technology enabling you to be use the headset with either of the 2 connected phones.

    Guess its a Treo 650 problem or a compatibility issue with Plantronics 520 model.

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