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    Good deal... But I went the SERO route. Amazon always has the cheapest cell phone prices, i'm not surprised.
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    66% price drop in ......2 weeks?

    well, good for business tho, now, i wonder how much it cost to make it?
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    Amazon just discounts more than anyone on new plan cell phones. All phones, from all carriers are typically this much cheaper with them. It's not unheard of to see $200 blackberries for -$50 after rebate.
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    Wow wish I knew about this beforehand. Either way, got mine for 99 after starting a new line. Been a sprint/nextel customer since '00, so they try to get me to stay the best they can.
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    Definitely a better value in the long run to lock in on a SERO plan. Amazon and other 3rd parties always have better deals on phones... For example the Mogul is 99$ at amazon compared to 300$ at sprint.

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