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    Hi -

    I've created a very simple "app" for quickly launching common web-searches from my Treo 650, and I want to make it available and get feedback and suggestions.

    It is intended for quickly finding answers on the web, for people who know what they want and hate waiting! :-)

    Here's a screenshot:

    Searches are either "Location-Relative", or "General Web Searches". To save typing, the Location field at the top lets you set a location (city, st or zip; it's saved in a cookie in your browser); this location is transparently included with the Location-based searches (e.g., Google Local, Ask Local, Google Movie, G! Showtimes, etc.)

    And here's the "app": ( F F F I N D - 6 letters! )

    Yes, it's just HTML and Javascript! Nothing to install! Plus, NO tracking code and NO ads; it is designed to be very "cachable" and should stay in your browser's cache once loaded (but this is an "alpha" -- I'm open to suggestions to make it MORE cachable and/or better avoid network round-trips.)

    I created this "app" (I use the term very loosely :-) after trying the major "mobile search" portals (Google, Yahoo) and Palm web-search apps, and being dissatisfied with all of them.

    I've tested this with Blazer 4.0 on a Treo 650 -- but it is standards-compliant, validated HTML and so _should_ work with any Smartphone.

    For best (fastest) results, you'll want:
    - cookies enabled (to save the location field)
    - javascript enabled
    - auto-complete enabled
    - "Clear cache on exit" turned OFF!

    1. Try it on your phone, send feedback or suggestions, or just let me know how it works.
    2. I'm considering a Customization mechanism - comments welcome on what (if anything) you'd like to tweak.
    3. Can anyone recommend the best mobile searches for: Upcoming Events (concerts, etc.), Cheapest Gas near a Location, a good mobile dictionary/thesaurus/translator, and anything else you find yourself using frequently when on the road?

    -- Mark
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    very cool. i'll give it a shot on my phone.

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