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    Well, I've had my 650 for over 3 years, and Palm has yet to do anything at all significant on the Palm/GSM side of the fence (i.e. most of the world outside the CDMA-centric US).

    The 680 was a nice way to buy some extra time, but it really seems that Palm OS is dead, unfortunate as that might be. There hasn't been any real development for years (at least on the Smartphone side of things, after using the Treo 600 I really don't plan on going back to phone + pda as separate items).

    There have been several Windows mobile versions, but I don't want to go there, thanks but no thanks.

    I picked up an iPhone a few weeks ago (mainly for the GUI), it's quite slick but very clearly a v1 product. Should be interesting in another year or so what they manage to do with it.

    In the meantime, I'm kind of bummed out that Palm seems to have disappeared from the market in the 'rest of the world', i.e. GSM. They've released several CDMA/PalmOS models the last few years, but nothing at all in GSM. Why?

    Does anyone else see things as I do? Anyone else would like to see a modern PalmOS/GSM smartphone from Palm? Anyone know if that's going to happen?

    Maybe this thread belongs in Future Treo's, I hope an admin will move it if that's the case.

    In the meantime, a toast to the memory of the Zen of Palm, the most usable device I've owned (by no means the fanciest or with the most wow factor, but hands down the most effective/efficient when I actually want to use it for getting things done).

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    I think the same way, brother.
    Alexandre Freire
    Treo 650 Unlocked GSM
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    I agree with you here. As nice looking as the Treo 680 may be, I still believe my 650 performs better in many ways (namely out-of-the-box battery life). Verizon and Sprint are present where I live, but their reception and service is terrible. AT&T is basically the only way to get (somewhat) reliable service.

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