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    I did a search and didn't find what I needed, but I thought I'd seen this before.

    I was doing my first sync with my Centro, and didn't install the new software (I know, I know). I simply renamed my backup folder and synced. It came up with a message that said "Create new account on this PC?" And I said yes. Like a dope. Then I canceled the sync. Now I have the stupid PalmUser41 on my hotsync and can't get my REAL self to sync up. I love my settings on the Centro, and don't want to change them. Do I have to do a hard reset? I just want to sync with my real name to get my calendar (extensive) and contacts, etc.. I had already renamed my backup folder, and tried changing that back, but it still wanted to sync with PalmUser41.

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    I did the same thing yesterday...had to do a hard reset and start form scratch. Everything loaded onto the centro however, even old SMS threads.
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    Was it your first sync? and did you change the backup folder? I am ready to do the install of the new software, but I think I screwed things up with this PalmUser41.....
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    It was my first sync....I had left the sync cable at home when I left for work. I had used the phone all day, even changing some of the prefferences. When I got home and tried to sync, I was "palm user 73". Hard reset did the trick, I had to reload the cd again, I ran the "repair" option, then followed the prompts. You should see the dropdown box for choosing the correct user....Palm user 41 will be an option....
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    I also experienced this problem. I just did a hard reset and sync the device first.I think this happens if you create a versamail account before synching your device for the first time. To prevent the problem, sync the device first so that it will have a username then proceed to creating a new versamail account.
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    Um, I'm not completely clear on what's going on, but just wanted to point out: if you go to the user list in Palm Desktop, you can edit usernames. I've done that when I wanted to change the username on a Palm device.
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    I just synced this CENTRO and it put everything in a PALM folder, not the palmONE folder, now my Palm Desktop has ME with NO INFORMATION. No calendar, No contacts. Nothing. I know this is fixable but I'm not SMART ENOUGH and I'm freaking OUT a wee bit.

    Someone tell me to relax and tell me how to fix this. lol..

    I installed the new cd. I always let things install where they default. Apparently, the PALM has decided to call themselves PALM again and not PALMONE. Well all of my information is in the PALMONE folder and now the Palm Desktop doesn't know me. Can I simply drag and drop from the palmONE folder to the PALM folder? what do I drag and drop?

    I'm not smart enough for my smart phone. That's my new signature.
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    I just had to restore everything from my 755p's backup card. I know this has made a mess of things, but at least the Desktop recognizes me now. It is referencing the PALM folder, not the PALMONE folder. I set the device to overwrite the desktop so I could keep all my information. Now I want to hard reset the entire thing, sync my contacts and calendar, and I guess I'll have to reset all my prefs. I restored my Unsaved and Saved Prefs, and something in there has made my OFF button less responsive. It's now taking me 3-5 presses of the red key to turn it off. This is so aggravating!
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    I did this as well. Rename you back up folder. Then let the sync finish with the PalmUserxx, Then create a new user name that matches the one you want to use. Hard reset. Sync again using the user name you want and let it finish, no real info is backed up. Now go into the old back up folder with all your info and cut and paste into the new one that was created on the last sync.(Replace all files) Delete PalmUserxx from your computer, then sync again with Desktop overwrites handheld and it should put your correct user name on the device. Now beam the stuff that you need from your 755 and the back up again with handheld overwrites desktop and you should be good to go, Hope that helps, it worked for me


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