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    I work in Louisville (502) but live outside it in (270).

    When i ordered the centro, i designated that i wanted a 502 phone number. But it arrived with a 270 number. I called to change it and they said they don't have any 502 area code numbers to give.

    Does this sound correct? So noone who buys a new sprint phone in Louisville can get a local number? Maybe i was dealing with a weird rep or is it as simple as my home address dictates my area code?

    She went on to say that other cities in KY like Frankfort only show up as 270 as well.

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    It's possible that they ran out of numbers. Not much you can really do about it. :/
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    When I got my son's phone in June they were out of 703 numbers in Northern VA so it is definitely possible.
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    Sounds like it's time to buy a cheap pre-paid phone and then port the number over.
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    Nope, it was just a dumb rep. I talked to another and got it switched.

    Seems like Sprint is making it hard to SWITCH numbers like that. But they definitely have them available. Once i explained they erred in the first place, they went on and changed it.
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    same thing happened to me I live in 732 area they shipped me phone with 443 which is MD called customer care told me I have choice of 443 or 410 I told them to leave it went to my local store asked if they are using 732 told me they were. called customer care told them 5 minutes later had my new number

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