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    Im patienently waiting for my 755p from sprint when my 700wx freaked out.

    Now im very nervous and trying to really be optimistic to weather i will like th 755p better then my 700wx but im unsure can any of you 755p users give me any insight to how you like your phone thankyou i would appreciate it
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    I had a 650 that was replaced with a 700wx. i only kept the 700 for about a week before i bought a 755p. My take is this:

    The 700wx was way cool, I really like the way windows worked. I liked its feel, I liked the way you could make it look etc. My only problem with it was that I couldn't get it to synch up with my contact management program, Act 6.0 and Outlook doesn't cut it for my purposes.

    The 755p- IMO, its not as visually cool BUT Palm software is simpler and easier but you have to buy extra software to mwke it look cool.. The form factor of the 755p is nicer than the 700 (no antenna, slimmer, sides are ridged etc)

    All in all I am very happy with the 755p.

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