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    This stylus is a joke. Anyone know of any replacements??
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    Quote Originally Posted by t.j.k. View Post
    This stylus is a joke. Anyone know of any replacements??
    how do you figure? its lightweight and does the job. You shouldn't have any problems with breaking it or bending it unless you are pressing too hard on the screen. I use it daily and have never had issues with it in the week ive owned this phone.

    Seriously.. Whats the problem with it?
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    I definitely don't mind the stylus, seeing as I rarely, rarely use it. I can do pretty much everything I want faster (and one handed) with the D pad.
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    You guys that don't mind this stylus, must also feel the Ford Taurus is a fine automobile- right?

    As far as the original question, I've wondered the same thing myself and also started a thread on the same topic. Nobody seems to know of any replacements at this time. Rest assured, somebody is burning the midnight oil to develop one, and it is going to be a hot selling item. While they're at it, they should make it one that has a removable tip that has a ballpoint pen underneath. Comes in handy. I used to have one on my old 700P that I bought aftermarket.
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    Could care less about the pen

    But yeah, i prefer the one in the Treo's much better. Playing bejeweled and whatnot..its easier to use. More precision in using it than a plastic coffee straw..
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    What's the problem with it? It's cheap plastic that bends. It works fine, true, but still.

    My daughters Nintendo DS styling looks better than this thing.
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    I find I need to press harder at times because I'm holding it on an angle and don't put enough pressure initially. I'd be fine if it didn't bend. Carbon fiber anyone?
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    What's wrong with a Ford Taurus? LOL

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