Sprite Backup 6.1.0 is a free update to Sprite Backup 6.

It includes several enhancements and fixes.
* Common cab file for lite and full versions
* Lite version can use PC to manage settings
* Enhancements to registry restore.
* Add ’suspend device’ option to scheduled backup.
* ROM Upgrade Enhancements.
* Scheduled backup start terminates a current phone call. This enhancement causes Sprite Backup not to run if a user is in a phone call at the time the schedule operation starts.
* Option for All device initiated backups to be self-extracting.
* Enhancements to FTP Backup function for better connection handling.

PC Manager Fixes
* Error message when backup location not found. When Sprite Backup Manager can’t create the default backup path, revert to the default path.
* Fix Sprite Backup Manager balloon’s not showing.
* Backup to PC sometimes fails with error 87 incorrect parameter
* Win 2000 compatibility for PC Side
* Error displayed when opening and closing authorize screen
* Automatic naming is not working as expected on PC manager
* “Notification” remains after dismissing operation complete notification
* Prompt before daily backup function does not work

Sprite Backup Fixes
* Schedule fails when installed on storage card.
* Card backup changes, The feature “Create Backup Card” is only displayed if the registry value “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sprite Software\Sprite Backup\Settings\EnableCreateBackupCard” of type DWORD is set to non-zero (e.g. 1).
* Fix Backup or Scheduled Backup bug where the backup is run in background mode
* Fix the WM6 encrypted storage card option always being disabled when starting Sprite Backup.
* Scheduled Backup failed - storage card not found - on a HP iPAQ hx2795b
* Unable to find network after backup with SIM lock.
* Unable to perform a successful backup to CF with PIN lock enable.
* Connection Manager not working on CDMA devices.
* Canceling PC Backup can cause cascading errors which result in a incorrect error.
* Other small bug fixes.