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    When is the ATT Tilt (8925) supported on GMM 5.0?
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    Well, i got something back, stating that it will be supported in 5.0 SR1. Just like the Centro.
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    Someone in the forum is reporting that GMM 5.0 works with the Centro
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    Yes they did, however i guess official support isn't provided until SR1.

    I'm happy to report that 5.0 seems to work with the Tilt... no special workarounds required... Perhaps SR1 will address bugs that i don't see yet...
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    Yes, GMM 5.0 works on the Centro. No problems as of yet.
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    5.0 is working fine on my 8925
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    I was under the impression that good messaging will not work with WM6, which is default on the Tilt. How were you able to get it going?
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    Actually 5.0 is the 1st version that is officially supported on WM6. However, as always, good certifies by device and not by platform...

    Its very possible that your GMM administrator has not decided to go to 5.0 yet... you should ask them to find out.

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