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    I ordered a red one on the 19th and I called in on Monday to check on my order. The rep tells me it should arrive at my door either Wednesday or Thursday. Ok so great. Then I call on Wednesday to check again (since the phone hasn't arrived) this time the rep tells me it is on backorder. Nice. I email ecare and they say that it is on backorder because there weren't enough units in their warehouse. He offers me a black one. No thanks.

    I know on Sprint's site it says red is available 11/4. However they did offer me red and asked many times if I would get red and the rep responds back with yes I shipped out your red palm centro. Silly me. I remember when the centro came out my store had like 5 of them but they all sold out within a couple days. I'm assuming stores got red and weren't allowed to sell them until november 5th but I am sure it is up to the manager whether or not he wants to make a sale.
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    Yea Ive learned a lesson in ordering things. Never again.

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