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    I've been using WordSmith for some time now, and think it's incredibly useful. But now I find myself with the need to export a text file from WordSmith to the MemPlug Smartmedia adapter on my Visor.

    Specifically, I'd like to type up a long WordSmith document on my Visor (with a Stowaway keyboard), then save or copy the document as a text file onto a Smartmedia card, and then use a FlashPath floppy disk adapter to copy the document onto a computer which doesn't have the Palm desktop application installed (like at a cybercafe, for instance) and then send the document as e-mail. In other words, export the file without running it through a conduit.

    I know it's a convoluted way to send an e-mail message, but there are places on this planet where it's virtually impossible to connect to the internet with my Visor and a modem, but going to a cybercafe with a text file on a floppy is an option.

    I seem to be able to copy a WordSmith document to the Smartmedia card, but when I insert the card into the FlashPath adapter, put the FlashPath adapter into my desktop computer, and try to open the file in MS Word, my computer crashes every time. And the file shows up in the OPEN dialog box as a .pdb file, even if a name it *.doc.

    Is there a way to create a .doc or .txt file on the Visor, so that another computer can open the file without using a conduit or the Palm desktop?

    I appreciate any advice you can offer.
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    I'd actually like to do the same thing. The answer to one of your problems could be to use the WordSmith command-line converter program to convert the palm WordSmith file into an RTF. Then that RTF should be able to be opened by Word or Wordpad. The big hitch in your plan is that Flashpath software and drivers need to be installed on the computer you want to use the Flashpath on.

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