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    I have a 2GB microsd in my Centro. How can I transfer mp3s, and videos onto the Centro with the microsd card in there? Also, how can I set mp3s as ringtones? Thanks.
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    You really should invest the 10-12 bucks to get a usb SD card reader. It's really the best way to fill up a card. HotSync is worthless.
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    I do have a reader, but I wanted to know if there was a way around it so I don't have to pull out the microsd card everytime I wanted to transfer something.
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    I haven't had any issues with dragging and dropping via quick sync. just some photos and a couple songs, but it was painless. the reader is nice, but the card isn't easily accessible for frequent access, imho.
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    I just got a 4 gig card.. don't know what to do what all that space!!! What would be the best use? Should I load apps on it so it free up ROM? Will this make it run faster?
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    No it cannot be used to "free up ROM" (what are you going to put there anyways?), and no it won't make it faster...

    If you like movies, 4Gb is good for about 20-30 movies at an appropriate resolution...
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    20-30 movies on 4 gig? holy cannoli.. how?? I was able to get about 4 on my 1 gig.. I use Pocket DVD Studio...
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