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    When I first got the 755p, someone beamed something to me but I could not reciprocate. Months pass and last night I tried to beam some stuff to another friend with a 755p. The IR option was turned on for both units and the IR ports were facing each other, yet my Treo will eventually indicate that it hasn't detected anything to beam to.

    Yes, I know that the IR is on the side and the Treos were both "awake".

    Any similar issues?

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    Ya know, I think I have this issue, as well. Awhile back, I tried to beam my daughter a picture and it failed several times. I gave up and sent it via Bluetooth.

    I will verify tonight.
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    I never realized that you can "beam" something via Bluetooth...even a app or file?
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    Yes, tranferring files over BT is much more convenient since you don't have to be in close proximity (but closer than 30 ft.). However, it does take a little effort pairing the devices but you only need to do it once.

    Although, I never have any problems with IR in my household. I always soft reset before any file transfer activity.
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    With FileZ when you select send you get Beam, Bluetooth and email as options.

    I lied above, my beam just worked both ways on a file and then with a photo.

    FileZ = PalmOS freeware File Manger
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    You can also select beam or send with the system. Under send you are given the Bluetooth or email options.
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