Hello guys, it's been a while since I've been here, but here I am.

Ok, I have no problems with my Treo 650, but I was just on Ebay and was checking out the prices for the 700 and realized that it has a FLASH. LOL, yes having a flash on the Treo has always been an issue for photo blogging me, not to mention it's improved camera mp's.

I was on the phone talking to Sprint about an issue with my daughter's phone and asked about the data plan and she told me it would remain the same. I know I remember reading here that you have to purchase a more expensive data plan with leaving the 600 family. What's the real deal?

Anyhoo, if I was to jump ship to a newer version, which version in the 700P family would you recommend and why?


P.S. Yes, I already have a digital camera (a new one actually), but I love the convenience of having the camera on the phone.