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    As a warning to everyone, it turns out that Gmail's new IMAP is configured in such a way that attachments to emails aren't received when using Chatteremail. Also, Chatter doesn't seem to display HTML emails properly with the new Gmail IMAP. I could live with the latter, but not receiving attachments is kind of a dealbreaker. Since everything worked fine when I was forwarding my Gmail account to my Fastmail or AOL IMAP accounts, I guess I've got to go back to that. I don't see myself giving up Chatter, which is a great email program.

    That said, I'm interested in what anyone's experience has been with Snapper? Does Snapper receive attachments and render HTML emails properly using Gmail IMAP?
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    I am interested in Snapper also, if it can handle Gmail IMAP better. My Chatter is behaving erratically with Gmail IMAP. Perhaps another solution is to run the Gmail mobile app using Java. Does Java work for the 680?

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