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    I downloaded the demo yesterday and set some podcasts to download overnight. Everything worked perfect! It also downloaded postcasts very fast. (I have a 700p) Quick News would take forever to download and would just stop in mid download. Like the other poster mentioned this can lockup the phone and cause it to get very hot.

    So far I am very happy with Neews and plan to fill up my 2GB SD card shortly!
    Nick, I'm very interested in hearing how these other features work, if available.

    -Will the podcast delete when you're done listening to it?
    -Will it remember location within the track if you leave the app and return later?
    -Does it store the podcasts on the card by default?
    -If a download fails, will it auto-retry?
    -Does it offer some way of keeping track of what's new?
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    godschoice, thanks for getting me to try this method again. A year or so ago I tried going desktop-free with my podcast downloading with my TX's wi-fi and easynews, and even with the first version of Neeeews. It never worked well then, though.

    But so far, Resco Neeeews has been pretty reliable. My biggest complaint is often when I download a podcast and listen and delete it that day, it will re-download again the next day thinking it's new again. Even so, I listen to close to 20 podcasts a week, so Resco Neeeews has saved me a ton of time each morning trying to download and transfer the day's podcasts onto my Palm.
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