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    Anyone have problems beaming from the Centro? I tried:
    Treo 650 -> Centro and Centro -> Treo 650 and they cannot seem to communicate with each other. (I checked the power preferences and both had beam receive on)
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    Just beamed from Centro to Treo 650. No problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    Just beamed from Centro to Treo 650. No problem.
    hmmmmmmmmmm......... Just tried it again.... it's REALLY SLOW. I didn't wait long enough. My past Palm's (Vx, m515, 650) all beamed MUCH MUCH faster.
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    my wife and i tried beaming some pics between our centros and it would work sometimes then not. it was wierd. we'll prob. try it again today
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    I successfully beamed from my ancient Zire to my Centro with no problem. I didn't try it the other way because, well, no need. The only problem I had was lining up the IR ports. Once I did that zing, done!
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    Snotty beamed me twice last night, it was wonderful.

    But seriously, why are you guys beaming, bluetooth transfer works so much faster, and you can both dance around with your Treo's while it's sending.

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