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    Every time I sync my or my wife's phone, there's a file that doesn't get backed up when it does the back-up. Anyone else have this problem?

    When I view the log this is what it says:

    - Failed to backup 1 file(s)
    - PmTraceDatabase
    - Protocol error: Handheld file could not be openeD. (4004)
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    You're using the Vista Desktop beta, right?

    Palm knows about this now and hasn't posted a fix yet. I'm guessing it will be worked into the next version. Here's the link:

    Meanwhile, other people have removed the backup attribute from that file using Filez or something similar. That keeps it from being hotsynced. No ill effects reported so far that I can see.

    One person says they found that it had never been backed up. When I look at the backup folder on an XP computer syncing the Centro with the older Palm Desktop, I don't see any pmtracedatabase file, nor do I see an error in the backup log.

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