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    I did my first Hotsync of my new Centro and the Hotsync username was already set to Palmuser77.

    I have had a number of Palm OS devices and the Hotsync name was always blank until my first Hotsync when I could choose a new name or pick from the list of my old devices' Hotsync names.

    Anybody know how my Hotsync name got set? The date and time of when the "last Hotsync" was done on the Centro's Hotsync app was the time about when I did my first connection to Powervision and the Powervision setup ran on my Centro.

    This is my first Sprint phone in quite awhile and I'm more familiar with GSM versions of the Treo's.

    Anybody know if I will have any problems on PowerVision if I change the Hotsync name?
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    The hotsync name has nothing to do with PowerVision.

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