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    OK... I give up. How do I find my registration number for Docs to go 10, that comes with the Centro?

    If I go into the Documents app, there is nothing there. IF I install the desktop app, there is nothing there.
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    I just went to Docs to Go on the device and looked Options - Registration Info.
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    yeah.. that's blank for me.
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    somehow it must have gotten messed up. I installed 10.0 pro over my old 8.X deluxe. I deleted some files on my Centro and now all is well.
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    I had DocsToGo 9.0 on my 700p before I bought my Centro. I did a Resco restore to my Centro thinking that my V9.0 would be as it was on the 700p. After the restore, v9.0 reverted to V10.0 after the reset and was in a "trial" mode with no indication of a current registration number. Being loaded on ROM in the Centro, any attempt to use another (external) version of DTG will fail and revert back to v10.0. The problem is that the installation code that comes with v10.0 gets destroyed when you try to restore an external version of DTG even though v10.0 reinstates itself. You start getting messages each day that show a "trial" period counting down. I contacted DataViz and, to make a long story short, there are 2 ways out of this problem. One way is to backup your Centro, blow away everything with a hard reset, and when it comes up you will see DocsToGo in a pre-installed state that allows you to complete the installation successfully. Then you need to restore everything except for the DTG applications (WordToGo, SheetToGo, PicsToGo, etc.) You can do this pick and choose with Resco, or you need to go into your Hotsync "Backup" folder and delete the apps before doing the restore. Doing a "Custom" HotSync with Backup set to "do nothing" may also work, but I didn't try that. The second way to solve the problem is to email DataViz, explain the problem, and hopefully they will offer to register your new 10.0 Centro DTG software and associate it with your "paid" version. They did that for me, but it was a few hours after I figured out how to do it myself.

    My guess is that anyone that currently runs DTG and buys a Centro will have this problem after a HotSync or other restore unless they take the steps I have outlined here.

    I hope this helps.......
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    I didn't even reinstall it on my Centro. I just had the V8 software on my desktop. Somehow that installed something on the Centro when I did a hotsync (Maybe after upgrading the V8 desktop to V10).

    Anyway the steps I used to fix it:
    Use Filez to delete any DTG creator files in RAM (Filtered by ram, as V10 is still in ROM). Then did a reset of my Centro. Went back into DTG v10 on my device and saw the correct reg #.

    Then on the desktop before syncing.. I had to totally uninstall v10 and reinstall. Then it was working fine.

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