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    Although my old Treo 755p cradle will charge my new Centro, it won't hotsynch. It won't work if I initiate it with the hotsync button or on-screen with the hotsync app.

    Does anyone know how to make this work?

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    My 700p cradle will not work. I have to press down really hard to get it to light up and that makes me a little nervous. I'm also having trouble with my old 700p hotsync cable working with the centro. I have to wiggle it around a little bit to get it to recognize the centro. So basically Palm wants us to purchase all new accessories for our centro. Does this surprise anyone?
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    I have 2 Insten cradles and they work fine.........
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    I haven't been able to use the stock 755p cradle to sync, either. I have to unplug the cable from the cradle and attach it directly to the Centro's Athena connector. On the other hand, the Seidio cradle that I use at the office works fairly well, though the connection is somewhat fussy. I'll probably wind up getting the Mobi Products Cradle for Palm Centro.
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    I have a Palm cradle that charged but would not HotSync. After playing around with it I found a workable solution. I had a few rubber pads that had adhesive on them. The pads are the kind that are supplied with PC's and act as "feet". Anyway the ones I have are .5" square and 5/8" thick. The alignment of the Centro is different that my old 700p. So affixing the padsabout .5" down from the top of the cradle back holds the Centro out at the top, but aligns the connector properly to make proper connection to the shorter wires that are used for HotSyncing. Hope this helps.....

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