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    I have been using Gmail --> Fastmail --> Chatter forward method for a year and my battery life is pretty good even with idle. But, when I added my Gmail IMAP account to chatter my battery life tanked. I mean *really* tanked. It drops down by about 10% per hour. I think it is because the Gmail account in chatter seems to be constantly connecting / Loging in.
    Anyone else with this problem? It is because of the SSL (was not using with fastmail)?

    Update: Found Others with Same Problem on this Thread .. Sorry didnt find on first search
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterB View Post
    Yeah, but did you notice that when you first set up mail2web, that it removed all your previous appointments, except for recurring calendar events? Not good. You're also giving complete and full control to some relatively unknown third party to your critical data. Their services could have a glitch and erase all of your contacts and calendar events. They could also just close up shop in the middle of the night. No thanks. I want more control than this over such important information.
    Actually I didn't have any problems at all. And I guess I don't enter any "critical" info there. I knew of a couple companys that used them for severs emails and such.
    I guess I don't put all my eggs in one basket. I could already turn to my personal outlook or sync to my pc.
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