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    Hey guys...

    Im curious if there is a way to sync to my PC while Im out and about over the net? Some sort of program that will allow me to sync over Sprints EVDO to my home PC.

    Id like to sync everything not just my PIM's.

    Its just for me, not for work so something cheap is what Im looking for.

    Another reason is I like to sync just before I go to bed and I do it with BT but sometimes as we all know BT on the 700P is just flaky so it's not foolproof. Being able to do it OTA would rock.

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    Since nothing really changes in the world of Palm, how-to's from back in 2005 will still work:
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    Amen to that.
    See this thread from 2006 also.
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    And this thread is EXACTLY why I keep coming to Treo Central.

    Thanks you guys!
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    As I posted in the link thread, thanks so much to everyone for helping with this.

    Ive been meaning to do this for AGES and I finally took the plunge today and wow!!

    It just adds to the cool factor of this freaking phone.

    It still holds true...

    I find something cool and amazing about this phone about every 2-3 months that makes me fall for it all over again!!!!
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    Ive been using OTA sync pretty regularlly since I got it set up.

    What I've noticed is that if Im syncing via any other method either BT or cable, I get a msg asking for lan sync or to cancel with a countdown.

    If Im not right by the PC and click the local tab it stops the sync.

    How do I fix this?
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    Figured out my problem. Somehow I changed a setting...

    It was on the handheld side. In prefs under LAN sync you have to have local selected otherwise it will always look for the PC's IP addy as a log in. It will give you a countdown option on your desktop... to use local hotsync click the button to cancel this press cancel or ignore this prompt and it will cancel in 60 seconds.

    Change the setting in your handheld and that "option" will go away!
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