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    I am looking into various SD backup programs for the 700P. I have searched the forums and found that BackupBuddy, BackupMan, and NVBackup are frequently used at night.

    I use my Treo as an alarm clock, using Bob's Alarm. If I run any of these programs at night, will they interfere with my am wakeup alarm? I understand that some of these programs reset the Treo after they complete their backups.
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    I've used free NVBackup for almost a year and as long as the backup is done before the alarm goes off then you'll be fine. I did a manual backup of everything and watched it to see how long it took.
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    I use BackupMan and it does not affect my alarm.

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    You can schedule the time of the backup -- just make sure you give it plenty of cushion between the backup time and your alarm time.

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