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    my treo 700p by sprint needs to be replaced. I have the insurance program. Do I have to do it all by mail, or can I swap it out in the store. I understand that I will get a 755p since the 700p is no longer available. I realize their will be a $50 deductable.
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    it all depends on the store.

    If you get the folks like the ones at my store, they will try to look at it and repair it. If they can't, they'll probably order you a replacement if it's still under warranty.

    Other than that, I would go straight with Asurion and pay the $ worth it
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    If you are responsible for the 700p failure, there's a charge. If it died on it's own accord, you may not have to pay. I've had a few Treos develop problems on their own (microphones and speakers are particularly flaky) and have never paid that "deductible." (if they tried, I'd have them send the bill to the manufacturer who is supposed to be warrantying their wares against defects).

    Usually the process is you're supposed to go to the store to have a tech certify the phone isn't working properly. I've had to waste an hour or two on this process - even for obvious failures like microphones - before my insurance replacement was "blessed" by the Sprint/Assurian gods.

    True, the stores will attempt to repair anything obvious, but the skills and resources available to the techs are limited. If their tech determines that they can't fix it, then they fill out a form and order you a replacement. You get whatever Sprint/Assurian has in stock, and hopefully they've crushed all the remaining stock of 700p's and put them in a sealed landfill. Even for fifty bucks, the 755's benefits outweigh it's problems (battery life, resettability, etc.).
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.

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