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    Hi folks,

    I've seen a few posts here and there about Missing Sync providing some nice feature for mac-centro synchronization.

    But has anyone actually used Missing Sync with the Centro or are posts like those simply referring to what a working copy of Missing Sync is expected to do?

    I just bought a centro and then upgraded to Missing Sync 6.0 after using 5.0 with my Treo 600. I can't get the software to talk to the Centro. Very frustrated without my contacts transferred.

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    I'm using MissingSync 5 and my Centro with no problems at all.
    My Palm phones: i500 --> i550 --> 650 --> 700p --> Centro
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    Whoops... my hub was the problem.

    MissingSync 6 is now working very nicely.

    I feel dumb for not having checked this earlier...

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