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    Palm has included a ROM program called Added Application that is activated from the Phone app by dialing ##37789#

    The app lists all 3rd party applications added and allows you to quickly delete any of them. You can export the list to a memo.

    I am assuming that they added this to make text support easier. Since the users are most familar with the phone and its function, this can be launched without any knowledge of the device.

    Once it saved in the Memo app, the send command allows the Centro user to email the file to Tech Support.

    It works as a standalone launchable app on my 755p.
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    I was so excited to see this, thinking I can remove the crap THEY added, but it only shows the stuff I've added. I was like, finally I can get rid of My Centro, Get Nuance and Sprint Mail. No luck. Nice app though...
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    Very cool. Thanks.

    Any way to make a short cut or a speed dial for this?

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