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    Is there anyway to get Pocket Quicken to support the Goal Accounts from Quicken. At least I think that is what they are called.

    Basically it is an account that is not associated with any real bank account. It's just a virtual account that you can transfer money into and out of.

    I have one defined for my budget. When I deposit my salary I transfer money from the checking to the budget account. It's still in my checking account but Quicken doesn't include it in the balance. Then when I make a payment that comes out of the budget I transfer the money from the budget account to the checking account. When a reconcile is done those transactions don't appear since they didn't involve real money movement.

    The way it is now I can enter the transactions in Pocket Quicken but then when I sync I have to go into Quicken to perform the budget transfer. I'd really like to do it in PQ and not have to worry a whole lot about Quicken.
    Bill Harrison
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    I don't know about "goal accounts", but Pocket Quicken 2.0 will support budgeting. PQ2 is due to be released next month. You can get a free upgrade to PQ2 if you purchased PQ1 after May 15th.

    Here is the link to the PQ2 demo:

    Clintonlogan, where are you? What's the word on "goal accounts"?
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    From the help of Quicken the function I use is actually Savings Goals. It creates the Saving Goal Account for you.

    The question still remains, will they be available to PQ2.0?
    Bill Harrison
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    And the answer is Yes!, Savings Goal Accounts are in PQ 2.0.

    Bill Harrison

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