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    What is the difference between "Vision" and "PowerVision" from Sprint? I think the SERO comes with Vision, but I do not know what is free vs pay. Can someone clearly explain the diffy with Vision/PowerVision or a specific link to a sprint site that explains the difference?

    "Unlimited data services" vs "Unlimited Mobile Broadband service" what is the difference between those? (other than the earlier is free and the later is pay).
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    Vision and PowerVision are Sprint's marketing names for its CDMA 1xrtt and EVDO wireless data services, respectively. EVDO devices are downward compatible with 1xrtt. EVDO typically can provide around 400-800kbps bandwidth whereas 1xrtt is good for less than a fifth of that, from 60-120kbps. 1xrtt is consider 2.5G (2nd+half generation) whereas EVDO is considered a 3G data service (CDMA QNC was 2G). The term "broadband" has changed in its common meaning over the years and in this context would apply to EVDO/3G due to its much greater bandwidth (originally "broadband" had nothing to do with bandwidth). Sprint's EVDO coverage is still not 100% whereas 1xrtt is at 100% or nearly so. Both Vision and PV connect your compatible Sprint phone to the Internet using Sprint as the ISP. Neither is capable of "dialing up" to arbitrary analog modems, fax machines or other ISPs (unlike 2G).

    SERO comes with wireless data service, either Vision (1xrtt) or PV (EVDO) depending on the device that is on the SERO plan -- it is included at no extra charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quick death View Post
    What is the difference between "Vision" and "PowerVision" from Sprint?
    In my case about $29 a month. I have a 6 year old grandfathered sprint plan that comes with free unlimited Vision. When I got my 700p they told me I need to upgrade to power vision to take full advantage of the high speed data. I'm not an ***** so I told I just wanted to keep my grandfathered plan. Guess what? EVDO works exactly the same with blazing fast speeds. I have 3 other phones on my account and everyone in the family is enjoying free EVDO. Our total bill is still under $100 a month with unlimited everything and 3000 shared minutes.

    Powervision is just a new charge to add to your bill.
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    Right, there is Vision/PV, the service, and Vision vs PV, the billing option.
    When it comes to Vision/PV, the service, what you get depends on the device and whether the equipment has been deployed in that area. Otherwise it is all just Sprint's wireless data service.

    When it comes to the billing option, you have various forms of Vision, and various forms of Powervision and just pay-as-you-go.

    So the "gatekeeper" is really the Sprint CS agent that activates your particular phone. CS is not suppose to allow a PV phone to pair with a Vision-only plan for this reason -- but as in your case, sometimes they allow it... It is all just a billing issue, has nothing to do with what services you actually get.
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    The difference is half insertion vs. full insertion.

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