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    Just like anybody else I like cool features in software. And I admit that the RSS feeds are a cool addition to GMM 5.0. But is it really an essential part of the mail/calendar/contacts suite that we buy programs like GMM for? I hate to think that all of the time we have been suffering through the bugs and craziness of 4.9.3x that the Good developers were working on RSS feeds. And now 5.0 apparently has enough issues that my company won't push it. Not only do I not see it as essential, it looks as if people are reporting that it is active by default and causing performance to take a hit. 4.9 versions are already the largest storage and RAM hit to the WM devices by far over any other software. And 5.0 expands on this bloat. So why the RSS? And for goodness sake what genius thought to load it by default? It would probably be a smart idea if Good worked out all the kinks in their core software before trying to get cute. How about a GMM Pro for all the folks that like to soft reset every hour and a GMM Lite for those of us that truly have a professional use for the software?
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    I actually like teh RSS reader, and have not noticed any measureable delays as the result of having it running. It might be in fact slower but I can't tell. I agree that it makes more sense to get all the other bugs/kinks ironed out before adding a new feature like this but I think the guys fixing the bugs are different than the ones coming up with the features.

    I have tried RSS readers in the past but I never really liked them. I admit that I am a little more advanced than the typical end user and can deal with more features so I might not be the best example but I am glad they included it. I also like the fact I can see the Good tips coming across my reader when I am on a call, etc and can pick up things without having to print out a manual and reading it.
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