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    I've got the DTMF problem on my 700P w/ MR. I get a tone whenever my phone goes in and out of service even though I'm on Vibrate on slider and have the service tone turned off. This is very bad in meetings, especially since some conference rooms have boderline signal and my phone is beeping like a ticking time bomb.

    I'm really dissapointed in this and was wondering if anyone had any luck getting the phone replaced by Sprint for this issue? This is my second 700P as well since the first was bricked by MR. 1.10 beta.

    I'd be happy enough taking a replacement on this phone, selling it on ebay, and funding a Centro...
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    Answered my own question. They're sending me a new phone; we'll see what I get from warrantee department.
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    I'm interested in this as well - i went to spring and they said "It may be a bug, but all the phones we have are MR 1.10 so they're all going to have the same problem". He did in fact test a phone he had back there and it had the same issue.

    Can you please post if the new phone experiences that issue?
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    No problem will do. I also wonder if I'll even get a 700P...

    In other news. I called up Sprint to order a centro to replace this 700P as I'm sure it will have the same issue. I'm 1.5 years into my contract. I asked nicely if there were any incentives for me.

    First lady says 75 off with 2 year contract and then a bonus $50 credit. She transfers me to telesales who then inform me that I'm actually eligible for 150 off. I then say sounds great, but lady before said I get $50 credit in my account. He says no problem. Then informs me that I'm eligible for the 100$ mail in rebate. I'm down to $99 bucks now. He says it will cost for activation and shipping and mention the web page has both for free. He throws those in as well. I'm almost speechless at this point.

    No retentions, threatening, pounding, yelling, huffing, puffing. Simply a Centro for $99 shipped and addition of 2 more years with sprint.

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