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    I recently signed up for a SERO plan and got a Centro.
    Well today I just receieved a "Welcome to Sprint" letter in the mail and I discovered something interesting.

    On the piece of paper that states what my plan I have, my number, and what phone I have, it doesn't list my phone as the "Palm Centro."
    It actually says the phone I am using is a "Treo 690P."

    What the heck?
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    I think that is the model number the reps see under your account. I called in yesterday for my tracking number for my centro and the guy told me what the model was:

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    yes. 690p on my package slip
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    Sounds to me like we just learned what Palm was going to call these devices, before they changed it to the Centro at the last minute.

    information like what you described often has to be loaded into the system prior to the launch.
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    Strange that it's a 690P, when the 600 series did not have EVDO, but the 700 series (and the Centro) do. I (we) thought that was what made the 700 series different?
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