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    How Much Power Does IR Off Save.? I usually leave it on..But having it off how much power do I save..

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    I don't know if anyone has ever quantified this beyond just "seems to make a difference." It's certainly not anywhere remotely close to the difference you see by turning Bluetooth off. However, with a battery as small as the Centro's, every little bit helps.

    The biggest drain on battery life *seems* to be having push e-mail enabled on e-mail accounts set up with the Sprint Mobile e-mail app.
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    I use battery graph and can tell you that unless you are beaming or receiving turning off the IR makes no noticeable difference in battery life.

    8/10 people on this board think that the IR does effect battery life. My guess is that most are just parroting what they read here but some may have actually experienced a battery drain. My theroy is that there must be some sloppy 3rd party apps that incorrectly access the IR and therefore run down the battery.
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