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    I am thinking about moving to the Centro from the 700p, but am wondering if anyone who had another Treo and a Parrot bluetooth car unit, and has now moved to a Centro, has any opinions on the change. My 700p (and the 600 before it) kept loosing its sync with the Parrot and would need to re-sync every 10 minutes or so, just curious if the Centro has the same issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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    No problems here with a Sprint 650, 700P and now a 755P on both a Parrot CK-3300GPS and CK-3400GPS Parrot units. Always remember to pair through the treo, not the Parrot.

    Make sure your Parrot is updated to the latest Parrot firmware. Its an easy update through bluetooth. I used to use a powerful usb bluetooth unit on my home PC (Linksys usb-bt1000)until I got a bluetooth laptop and could update it easily.
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I am just asking if the Centro seems to have a better bluetooth stack since it is supposed to be BT 2.0, since the 700p looses sync occasionally, even though the Parrot has the latest firmware.

    Do you have the sync loss problem with the Centro? or did you with the 700p?

    Again, I most often find the 700p re-syncing when I am NOT on a call, it will have the sync logo displaying on the Parrot display every 5 minutes or so, especially after I hang up a call.

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    had it with the 700p and my 3100. It would drop now and again, but pick right back up. haven't seen that yet with my Centro (but haven't driven a TON since I got it). Also, the sound **seems** clearer, but that may be a mental trick...
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    I can't speak to the Parrot, but I wanted to let you all know that with the 755P, my Dock-N-Talk was unable to show me the caller ID information through my handsets. Dock-N-Talk said it was the phone and Sprint said it was Dock-N-Talk.

    I now have the Centro and my caller ID is coming through as it should. Not sure if this is any indication of what you can expect with Parrot, but overall this bluetooth stack seems much more stable and reliable than even the 755P.

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