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    When I use the Alt key to get the alternatives for any key I see random characters instead of the expected alternatives:

    A soft reset solves this, but unfortunately not for long. I've already mapped my often used alternatives to shortcuts using Shortcut5, but it is still very annoying.

    Is anyone else seeing this? Anyone know how I can permanently fix this?

    I have a Treo680-1.04-ROW (Unlocked GSM).
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    Any other software installed?
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    A user on another forum suggested it might be the autocorrect hack acting up. I've removed it to see if it makes a difference.
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    After I removed the autocorrect hack, the ramdom characters did not appear any more.
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    The fix for this is to lock the autocorrect hack (HsExtensions2.0_enUS.prc) using RescoLock, as reported here.

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