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    i made a claim in may because my phone has broke

    (but in the mean time i had an old sprint phone)

    but they said i had to send out some verification,

    so i did that in july and so i called today

    and they said i couldnt replace it

    because i went over the 60 days..

    is there anyway to get around that..
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    I'm not exactly sure what happened with you, but when I've made a claim for a broken phone, Assurion has sent me a new (refurbished) one and I just had to send the broken one back after I received the new one. The only time they've asked for verification is when a phone was lost or stolen, and then they wanted evidence I reported it to the police. I'm not sure why they didn't send you a new one when you made your claim in May. But, if you did not make a claim or file something within a stated time limit in the contract, your best bet may be to call and very nicely ask if they can do anything for you. (Getting mad at them if you're at fault doesn't usually help.) It's good to have a reason why you didn't respond. If the first person you talk to can't help, hang up and try again. Good luck.

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