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    I love everything about the new Centro I just purchased.. with only ONE exception... the email is slow as the dickens in downloading new messages!
    I moved from the 755p which spoiled me as it downloaded them super fast.

    I compared my 755p and the Centro and the Blazer internet speed of the Centro blew the 755p out of the water!

    So if it does the internet thing much faster, why is the email much slower... or is it just some setting I don't know about ??

    Please don't suggest other mail programs.
    I've read all the other threads about them..
    I just want to know if anyone else has noticed this about their Centro?

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    Might be helpful to know which mail program you are experiencing this with.. I'm guessing versamail or sprint mobile email?
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    Sorry about that... I'm just using the standard email program that came with it.
    I just looked it up and it is Versamail 4.0.1

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    Yeah, it seems like it takes FOREVER to download my Gmail with VersaMail.
    The download time was soooo much faster using VersaMail on my Treo 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clay238 View Post
    Sorry about that... I'm just using the standard email program that came with it.
    I just looked it up and it is Versamail 4.0.1

    I don't know about the 755P but on my old 650 there was a progress bar that showed how many messages were being downloaded, how far along it was on an individual message and how far along it was overall. The Centro just has that little spinning circle with no info on what it's doing -- it may just -seem- to take longer to me because there's no insight on what it's doing.
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    This is disconcerting. My Centro arrives tomorrow to replace my 755p. I have always found Versamail quite useful and really all I could ever want out of my phone. It's worked great for my IMAP mail on the 650, TX, 700p and 755p and I use it every day. Did Palm really screw it up on the Centro? Anyone else seeing similar problems with standard IMAP mail in Versamail on their Centro?
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    It's slow for manual syncs, maybe about 30-45 seconds for it to go through the cycle.

    However, if you just use auto-sync, you never notice it obviously.

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    I agree. This version of versamail is garbage. I would like the old one back.
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    i second that.. i shouldn't have to stare at my screen for 40 secs just to be told there's no new email. and since the battery sucks, you can't exacly have it polling all day
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    Ugh! I really like Versamail on my755p. 30-40 seconds to check mail??? I thought the Centro is better than my 755p? Why can't Palm release ONE PalmOS phone that is the bestat everything? I'm so sick of this. Tomorrow I get my Centro in the mail and now I'm thinking I should not even open it. I RELY on Versamail!!! Ugh.
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    i agree.. the versa mail sucks on my centro! i use to have a 700p which was super fast when getting my mail.. what could be the cause!?
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    I'd really like to hear from those who are NOT experiencing this problem. If Versamail is truly hobbled on the Centro, I may send it back without even opening the box. I suppose I could bite the bullet and buy Chattermail (ouch, $40?), but why should I have to? Has anyone tried installing an older version of Versamail? I have the PRC file that some kind soul compiled around the time of the first 700p ROM update. Maybe that would do the trick? Arrrgghhh!
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    I know this sucks as an answer, but versmail has been flakey since Palm first started using it. A search of the TC forums will reveal problems that go back for years.

    If you depend on your Treo/Centro for mail, nothing will make you happier than an investment in Chattermail or Snappermail. I use Snapper and have never been disapointed. I could never get Versa to work on my 650 or dependably on my wife's 755.

    Good luck.
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    WorsaMail has always sucked, and on the Centro it seems to suck more than ever.

    Unfortunately, it's the only client that works with ActiveStync on Exchange 2k7 for syncing my work email/calendar.

    Right now I'm using Versa for work and Chatter for my personal mail and just accept the instability and battery drain that comes from running both at the same time.
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    While it is true that Versamail has been flakey in the past, my 700p and 755p have been great with it. True that the 650 was junk with Versamail and my Palm TX also stunk using it, but the 700p and 755p's versions are much, much more stable.

    Again, is everyone in agreement here that the Centro's Versamail is a dog? Is it possible that due to the lack of status bars that it just *seems* slower? When I check email on my 755p, it isn't the fastest and there are a lot of stages to the process. If there were only a spinning ball, I'd probably be wondering what was going on. Any more opinions on this from actual Centro users?
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    I tried to get messages earlier today and finally had to do a soft reset to get it to stop trying. Then tried again and got it in an acceptable time (but not fast by any stretch).
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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone View Post
    Again, is everyone in agreement here that the Centro's Versamail is a dog?
    Versamail works fine, it's just a bit slow on manual syncs...

    I was using it with EAS/Mail2web once an hour and it worked just fine, no issues. I think some people are a bit extreme with the critiques--it's been stable and does what I need it to.

    Having said that, I'm using Chatter just because I can and it looks nicer, imo.

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    I am having a different problem with Versamail.

    I use cox as my provider and when I go in and save my password it automatically changes it to something else over and over so I can't get it to check my email.

    Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

    I may start a new thread but wanted to see if I could get an answer in here first.
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    Have read elsewhere that Cox doesn't support Palm. You may be better off using GMail to grab your Cox mail.
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    It is listed as a supported ISP. I don't understand what the deal is.
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