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    Folks, I now have my Centro and have been using two IMAP accounts with Versamail works great! Maybe you are all using pop and that is what is slow? IMAP works just as well as ever!
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    I spoke with a PALM tech for over an hour yesterday, and he confirmed that this is a new "feature" in Versamail v4.

    For POP accounts, it goes slow, and gives absolutely NO feedback as to what's happening; just a tiny spinning icon in the bottom corner of the screen (right under your thumb, if you're right-handed!).

    For IMAP accounts though, it works just as it used to; displaying the signing-on message, connecting, download progress bars, etc....

    He assured me that this is how the programmers have designed it. Incredible, huh?! We even tested it on numerous test POP accounts that Palm has set up.

    I registered a strong complaint, and he took copious notes.

    We'll see if that gets corrected in the next update.

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    Versamail works awesome with a EAS account folks read this....

    This centro is the best phone and a long time coming.
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    I thought it was just me. I hate watching that circle go round and round, and not knowing if it's going to bring anything.

    It really should have been programmed better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bignoze View Post
    Versamail works awesome with a EAS account folks read this....

    This centro is the best phone and a long time coming.
    I have Gmail forwarded to mail2web and setup EAS with Versamail. Sometimes it is really fast, and other times it is not. I did a test where I sent the mail2web account an email directly. If the centro is on the network / web, it gets the mail asap. If the centro has been in idle for a while - I have to go into Versamail and hit the sync button to kinda 'wake it up'. I am guessing this might be because the phone does not constantly stay hooked up to the data network? I am not sure how that works.

    Its still a good solution.
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    Do you have VM set to autosync "as items arrive"?

    I do get a lag sometimes but its not much, 1 or 2 min,.....and still PUSH over manual sync.

    Also might be a lag in the Gmail forward. But none of these solutions are going to be perfect with instant PUSH email, I am more than satisfied with a couple of minutes of lag, especially if I have to do nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolstorm92 View Post
    I agree. This version of versamail is garbage. I would like the old one back.
    agreed. I am having problems setting up a POP mail account on a staff member's new Centro. It won't take the Sender's name even tho I've entered it in both the POP account's settings and the SprintPCS account's settings. the emails show up as being From: <blank space> .
    and I can't get rid of the header information that's showing up in the *body* of the email above the signature block. no issues like that on my own 700p.
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    Is there a patch that will show the status bar on pop accounts?
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